Hirozed.me https://hirozed.me Jamie's Personal Musings en-us Hirozed is Me https://hirozed.me/posts/intro So, last year, I made it to 50. It's odd that when you say, "I turned 50!," what it actually means is that you made it to that year. With that said, I've decided to make my best effort to start blogging. I have wanted to do the blogging thing for most of my dev life, but Impostor's Syndrome would kick in. Betrayed by WordPress https://hirozed.me/posts/betrayed I have been working in WordPress for the length of my dev career. Up until now, that choice has been good to me. But recently, I have been questioning that very decsion. With the entire ecosystem heading toward JavaScript first, PHP winds up fading into the background. The very language that allowed WordPress to take a significant chunk of the total websites, is now a second-class citizen. I'm Back (I think) https://hirozed.me/posts/im-back Hello all. It's been a while, huh? Here's what happened. WordPress is officially a JavaScript Project https://hirozed.me/posts/wp-js-project I'm going to say something that could be controversial - WordPress is now a JavaScript project. I've written before about how I've been betrayed by the project that I've built my developer career on. These two posts, first a Mastodon post by Antonio Cambronero, then a blog post by Mika Ariela Epstein, have just reinforced those previous thoughs.