I'm Back (I think)

2023 June 18

Hello all. It's been a while, huh? Here's what happened.

Barf stopped working, there was a timezone inconsistency with the current version of the script and an update on my Mac. Either I didn't have the energy or desire to search for a solution. So, in my infinite wisdom, I went in search of something else.

I started with another single site generator, first with Hugo, then 11ty, but I couldn't find a theme that was a simple and straightforward as the starter Brad had created. My next stop was ClassicPress, a WordPress fork that kept the classic editor for those who despise the Block Editor. I set up some space on NearlyFreeSpeech.net, created a database and I was off to the races. Except I still ran into the issue that I had with the SSGs, I couldn't find a theme to start with. Since my day job is WordPress, I don't wnat to spend my spare time maintaining a theme.

Luckily, Brad kept working on Barf (how many more time can I fit this word into this post?), even providing a separate script just for MacOS, even though he doesn't use it as his daily driver. Thank you Brad Taunt!

So, I'm back on track to attempt to write more. Let's see how far I get, shall we?